M2i has a surface area of 150 m2 at the Lacq site equipped with low-level or conventional fume hoods dedicated to chemistry R&D.

Specific equipment dedicated to hydrogenation:

Preparative HPLC chromatography:

Rotary evaporator:

1 to 6 L twin-jacketed glass reactors equipped with injection pumps and monofluid for heating/cooling (-60/+150 °C)



In order to assist its clients in synthesising larger amounts of product for validation of process scale-ups or in preparing clinical batches, M2I Development has pilot capacities of up to 20 L.

A first pilot is equipped with enamelled reactors of 50 and 250 L functioning in accordance with cGMP standards. They are combined with 600 diameter single-layer filters and a laminar-flow high-ceilinged drying room equipped with a vacuum oven or a Guedu-type 100 L filter-dryer. Temperature ranges are -20 °C to +150 °C. This pilot is combined with a storeroom fitted with a sampling room and a batch preparation room with separate quarantine and storage areas for raw materials and finished/semifinished products.


A second pilot equipped with 70 and 170 L enamel reactors (-20 °C/+150 °C) and 20 L twin-jacketed reactors (-60 °C/+150 °C) is available for non-GMP syntheses. It is also equipped with polypropylene 600 diameter single-layer or 20 L glass filters (115 L).





The analytical department is equipped with the following instrumentation: