Since the site was constructed in the protected Rhone delta marsh area, the environment and its protection are ongoing concerns for M2i. The activities of the Salin-de-Giraud site, assisted by specialised equipment such as a treatment plant for water emissions and specific chemical drainage, comply fully with the environmental requirements of the Camargue Regional Natural Park within which the site is situated.

Continually in search of cleaner processes, M2i’s focus is to develop syntheses which rely on reagents that are environmentally-friendly and limit energy consumption and solvent use.

M2i Salin has a seat on the union committee of the Camargue Regional Natural Park as a local economic stakeholder aware of the environmental and biodiversity preservation issues.






The Salin-de-Giraud site is classified as a low-threshold Seveso III building according to regulations in force since June 2015. It accordingly requires operating authorisation and is subject to regular inspections by the supervisory authorities. Simulated incident exercises (POI) are regularly conducted on site in concertation with public authorities in order to allow effective anticipation of any potentially alarming situation.

All site personnel are trained in Good Manufacturing Practices and how to use safety equipment; in addition M2i has 12 volunteer firefighters among its teams.