M2i Development’s industrial waste waters (water used for domestic purposes, cooling various reactors and condensors, and rinsing equipment and premises) are collected in an intermediate holding tank for analysis prior to transfer to a treatment centre. With the aim of preserving the environment, M2i Development’s equipment does not produce lost water.
Treatment of industrial water with a high nonbiodegradable content proceeds by incineration. Moreover, industrial waste produced by our R&D activities are separated on the basis of their chemical nature and collected by an external service provider specialising in the treatment of chemical waste and its recycling.                                                                                                            

Crédits photo: R. Boutillier/ Ville d'Arles  



Commissioned by its clients to imagine the reaction processes that will take place at an industrial level, M2i Development is naturally obliged to propose safe reactions and easy-to-use raw materials. This permanent constraint obliges its researchers to understand chemical risks as clearly as possible and to avoid reactions and products likely to behave unpredictably.

M2i Development teams take part every year in safety training. Seven staff members in M2i Development are trained to dispense first aid in the workplace (French SST training).





We have adopted a quality approach in order to guarantee the reliability of data produced and operational track records.
M2i Development is currently acquiring ISO 9001:2015 certification by an independent certifying body.
The ISO 9001:2015 standard is one of the ISO 9000 standards for quality systems: it consolidates the organisational requirements needed for a quality management system (continuous improvement, quality policy, corrective and preventive actions, management review, documentation control, quality handbook, in-house audits, client satisfaction, indicators, etc.).