M2i Development is the R&D centre of the M2i Group. This research lab has expertise in:


  • synthetic pathway evaluation (feasibility studies from design to selection),
  • chemical development (procedural optimisation, study of critical parameters, scaling up, etc.)
  • synthetic intermediate and/or finished product batch production (pheromone synthesis, synthesis of intermediates or active ingredients for pharmaceutical, cosmetic or other use).


Depending on client commissions, M2i Development can avail itself of existing synthetic processes (literature or patents), or design and develop enhanced versions of these processes or entirely new pathways in order to acquire the target molecules within the requested specifications while optimising costs and yield.








Custom synthesis

  • Many conventional organic synthesis reactions [oxidation (Anelli, etc),
  • Reduction (hydrogenation, hydrides, boranes, etc.),
  • Functional transformations (halogenation, esterification, nitrogen chemistry (alkylation, amide synthesis, salification, etc.), phosphorus chemistry (Arbuzov, Wittig, Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons, etc.) and sulphur chemistry (thiol, sulfoxide, sulfone)],
  • Organometallic chemistry (organo-magnesium, organo-lithium, organo-zinc, cuprates, etc.)
  • Metal catalysed coupling reactions (Sonogashira, Suzuki, Ullmann type, etc.).


Our team also has a solid competence in creating and functionalising aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds, asymmetrical synthesis (use of the chiral pool, asymmetrical catalysis, enzyme application, etc.) and standard purification methods (distillation, recrystallisation, extraction, chromatography, etc.).