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Mammals emit pheromones which are naturally occurring chemical substances secreted in very small amounts that enable animals to mark their territory or communicate. By reproducing these pheromones in the lab by biomimicry, it is possible to regulate a large number of animal behavioural problems and improve their wellbeing by natural means.

We have developed solutions to reduce symptoms associated with stress for companion animals; and for livestock it has an economic benefit in improving the wellbeing for food production livestock.










  • M2i is adapting its biomimetic expertise to other fields such as applications for veterinary food supplements and livestock feed. For instance, we have developed a synthetic derivative of shark liver oil alkylglycerols (AKG).


  • Our AKG range has applications in veterinary biotechnology where we are able to develop high-purity products that are intended to impact cell activity.





  • M2i synthesises and can produce large volumes of veterinary pharmaceutical ingredients.


  • M2i has also developed solutions in the complex management of preservation of sperm in the artificial insemination process across livestock species.