Proprietary molecules portfolio

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   Pinaverium bromide 
   Myrtecaine lauryl sulfate   
   Diphenhydramine methyl sulfate  


   Selachylique alcohol  
Pinaverium bromide
Acting on the digestive tract, Pinaverium Bromide is used for the treatment of pain, transit disorders and discomfort linked to functional bowel disorders.
A stimulant of bile function, Trithioanethol is used for the treatment of drug-related or age-linked oligoptyalism (scanty saliva) and dry eye syndrome.

Metopimazine is an antiemetic used for the symptomatic treatment of nausea and vomiting.

No CAS : 53251-94-8
Formula : C26H41Br2NO4
Molecular weight : 591,45 g/mol
No CAS : 532-11-6
Formula : C10H8OS3
Molecular weight : 240,365 g/mol
No CAS : 14008-44-7
Formula : C22H27N3O3S2
Molecular weight : 445,6 g/mol


Myrtecaine lauryl sulfate
Selachylic alcohol
A local anaesthetic, Myrtecaine is often used in combination with other active ingredients in the management of muscle or ligament pain.

A local anaesthetic, Myrtecaine is often used in its lauryl sulfate form in combination with other active ingredients in the management of gastric pain and burning.

Selachylic alcohol is widely used in traditional Scandinavian and Japanese medicine and is known to be the therapeutically active compound in shark liver oil.
No CAS : 7712-50-7
Formula : C17H31NO
Molecular weight: 265,438 g/mol
No CAS : 76157-55-6
Formula : C17H31NO.C12H26O4S
Molecular weight : 531,84 g/mol
No CAS : 593-31-7
Formula : C21H42O3
Molecular weight: 342,56 g/mol


methyl sulfate
A local antihistamine, Diphenhydramine Methyl Sulfate is used to relieve itching due to insect stings.
Veratrole is a mild analgesic used in combination with other active ingredients in some lotions and mouth rinses.
Guaiacol has analgesic, antipyretic and expectorant properties, and is used in combination with other active ingredients for treating dry coughs and inflammatory disorders of the upper airways.
No CAS : 4858-60-0
Formula : C18H24NO.CH3O4S
Masse moléculaire : 381,49 g/mol
No CAS : 91-16-7
Formula : C8H10O2
Masse moléculaire : 138,16 g/mol
No CAS : 90-05-1
Formula : C7H8O2
Masse moléculaire : 124,14 g/mol



Building blocks and intermediates



Bromomethyl cyclopropane
Cyclobutane carbonylchloride
Cyclobutane carboxaldehyde
No CAS : 7051-34-5
Formula : C4H7Br
Molecular weight : 135,00 g/mol
No CAS : 5006-22-4
Formula : C4H7COCI
Molecular weight : 118,56 g/mol
No CAS : 2987-17-9
Formula : C5H8O
Molecular weight : 84,12 g/mol


No CAS : 1003-09-4
Formula : C4H3BrS
Molecular weight : 163,04 g/mol
No CAS : 10009-20-8
Formula : C8H13F3N2O3
Molecular weight : 242,20 g/mol
No CAS : 69788-75-6
Formula : C13H17CIO4
Molecular weight : 272,72 g/mol