Pheromone synthesis


The Biocontrol hub of the M2i Development firm has acquired expertise in development and use of pheromones for industrial applications in the fields of crop protection and animal wellbeing.


Pheromone-based solutions for crop protection

Pheromones are substances produced naturally by a species which, received by an individual of that species, induces a specific reaction. These non-harmful substances can be reproduced in the lab using biomimicry and used to lure harmful species and thus combat pest insects while responding to the ecological need to preserve the environment and abandon pesticide use gradually. Pheromones are an integral part of the biocontrol approach encouraged by European and international public authorities.

Our team has expertise in the development of new pheromonal active substances and their formulations owing to proprietary technologies enabling preparation of biodegradable pheromone diffusers and guaranteeing regular and prolonged diffusions of up to 4 months.

These technologies enable the deployment of pheromone solutions in gel form: this can be packaged in sachets, syringes, Eppendorf consumables as well as in bottles for sprayable formulations. The flexibility of these technologies makes it possible to deposit pheromones rapidly and effectively in trees.

The formulation and its packaging can be chosen based on the application: mass trapping or sexual confusion.






Pheromone-based solutions for animal wellbeing

Our teams have developed know-how in mammalian calming pheromones with the development of new active substances with calming properties. Our competence in this field extends also to the formulation and packaging of calming agents for mammals.


Other solutions

M2i Development is also involved in many R&D programmes in partnership or at its own behest to develop semiochemical attractants such as the kairomones.