Polymer synthesis

Polymer materials are present in all business sectors and used for applications which are ever more diversified and specialised (surface finishing, aeronautics, electronics, self-healing materials, medicine, etc.). They are sought for their mechanical, optical, rheological, electrical, thermal and self-organising properties.

M2i Development has developed “custom” syntheses of polymer materials with a high added value and novel properties.

Owing to our know-how in so-called living polymerisation technologies, such as controlled free radical polymerisation or anionic polymerisation, we are developing the synthesis of novel materials.  

In fact, these technologies are opening a wide field of controlled-size structures (diblocks, triblocks, branched, statistics, stars, dendrimeres, etc.) Polymers obtained in this way are studied, together with the client, under application conditions in order to bring out the link between molecular structure and properties.