What is plant biocontrol?

M2i, through its subsidiary M2i Biocontrol, is leader in the field of pheromones for biological crop protection.                                                                                                       




Biocontrol covers plant protection methods through natural mechanisms as part of an integrated management against crop pests, and is a realistic and sustainable alternative to using pesticides.
Chemical mediators or semiochemical substances (generally referred to as pheromones) and their applications against crop pests are aspects of Biocontrol.


A pheromone is a substance naturally secreted and emitted in tiny amounts by a species which, once detected by an individual of this species, induces a specific behaviour or reaction. It is an olfactory signal that acts as a messenger between individuals of a single species.
These non-harmful substances are reproduced in the laboratory by biomimicry, and can thus be used against pest insects by attracting, confusing or repelling them.


Pheromones meet the ecological need to respect the environment and biodiversity while integrating with the agricultural and ecological policies promoted by the public authorities in Europe and worldwide.